Wine Club

There is no cost to join our Club. You may either call us, sign up electronically at the bottom of this page, or click the Membership Order Form below to print, fill in your membership information and either mail or fax to us.

Members of our Wine Club are recognized for their tremendous interest and support for Beresan wines, and our good fortune that you found us!

To begin your Beresan experience, choose between the 3, 6, and 12 bottle options. From there you can fill up your club shipment with whichever current wines you desire. Your wine club selections will be available twice a year, generally in May and November. You can choose what time of year works best for you.

Sales tax and shipping will be added after your discounted purchase. At this time we are only able to ship to Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Texas, Minnesota, Georgia, Kansas, and Washington D.C. If you reside in Alaska or Florida we may be able to ship to you depending on the county. You are always welcome to stop by the winery and pick up your wine rather than having it shipped.

Outside of your club purchase, members will receive a 20% discount on case orders and a 10% discount on anything less than a case. Mixed cases can be used for the discount. The discount applies only to wine and not to our other merchandise.

You will have first chance at special and limited releases at Beresan (unique varietals and blends) during the year.        


Option One

3 Bottles

3 bottles at a 10% discount

Option Two

6 Bottles

6 bottles at a 20% discount

Option Three

12 Bottles

12 bottles at a 30% discount

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